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A birding challenge worthy of Wisconsin

Photo by Kyle Lloyd Arpke Two Snow Buntings in Kewaunee County By Kyle Lloyd Arpke  I’m writing this article as I drive back home after a six-month odyssey that spanned the entire state of Wisconsin. Well,“odyssey” is definitely way too strong of a word, but I’m not lying about the second part. Over the last six months, I challenged myself to go birding in all 72 counties in... Read More   

WSO issues a public call for volunteer leaders

    The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology is seeking volunteer leaders to join its Board Of Directors. WSO’s mission is to promote the study, enjoyment and conservation of Wisconsin’s birds. We are looking for new directors who share our passion for these activities and for building a future where birds are protected and thriving. The WSO board is seeking candidates who have... Read More   

Statewide bird conservation conference planned March 24-25

A statewide conference is in the works to explore  how each of us, individually and as a community, can help bring back some of the 3 billion birds our continent has lost since 1970. The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership, Bird City Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology have come together to plan a special two-day meeting. It will be held Friday and Saturday, March 24-25,... Read More   

Come to Waukesha County for WSO’s 2023 Convention

          The Benjamin F. Goss Bird Club will join WSO to host the 2023 convention on May 19-21 – WSO’s first since 2019!  As a venue, the convention committee has chosen The Ingleside Hotel in Pewaukee (, which is near the sprawling, bird-rich Southern Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest and the many forests, prairies,... Read More   

New surveys find Honey Creek Preserve a rare gem, full of bird life, challenges, opportunities

Photo by Angus Mossman Federally-endangered rusty patched bumble bee on joe-pye weed in shrub swamp.         By Mike Mossman, Amy Staffen and Angus Mossman The recent addition of the Dischler tract to WSO’s Harold and Carla Kruse Honey Creek Nature Preserve has inspired renewed interest in current and longterm management needs at this very rich and important natural... Read More   

November Rare Birds: Vagrants again make some big news

                      Wendy Frasheski submitted to eBird her photograph of a Black Vulture seen over Wind Point in Racine County on Nov. 26.   By Mark Korducki November is traditionally an excellent month for vagrants. This proved to be the case once again.  The month got off to a blazing start with a Sharp-tailed... Read More   

‘tis the season to join a Christmas Count

By Tom Schultz The 123rd Audubon Christmas Bird Count season is almost upon us, and hopefully birders everywhere will be flocking to participate! This annual event is the longest-running citizen science project in our nation, and the accumulated data has provided bird researchers with vast amounts of population trend and distribution information. WSO helped to establish many of the 100+... Read More   

Calling all Wisconsin bird artists

If you are a member of the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, your original Wisconsin bird artwork may become the design on the 2023 WSO convention T-shirt, and it may also be featured in one or more WSO publications. Please prepare your entry as follows: ·Artwork should include at least one of the following Waukesha-area bird species: Hooded Warbler, Blue-winged Warbler, Acadian Flycatcher,... Read More   

Donate for Wisconsin's Birds

                      Photo by Sunil Gopalan Everything the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology does is for Wisconsin’s birds. It’s right in our name. As WSO continues with its flight forward, we are taking on more education and conservation actions for Wisconsin’s birds. We are stepping up our statewide leadership and... Read More   

Citizen science reports of banded cranes contribute to conservation in Wisconsin

Photo by Ted Thousand  A banded Whooping Crane reported as right: white red and left: white green red. By Stephanie M. Schmidt Whooping Crane Outreach Coordinator International Crane Foundation      As the temperatures get colder and the days become shorter, Wisconsin skies will be filled with the bugling calls of Sandhill Cranes and Whooping Cranes on their... Read More   

October Rare Birds: Good month for rarities includes hummer, rail, gull and teal

Photo by Dar Tiede This Broad-billed Hummingbird visited a feeder at a private residence in the Fox Cities during mid-October. By Mark Korducki Fall is often the best season to locate rare bids in Wisconsin. October was a good month overall with a steady stream ofmigrants and a few rare birds. The most unusual was a colorful Broad-billed Hummingbird found at a feeder in Outagamie County.... Read More