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Promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Wisconsin's birds.

Learn about birds

WIsconsin has a rich diversity of bird species, with more than 400 species recorded in the state. There are many ways to learn more about the birds that occur here. WSO has compiled many of these resources on this page, including field trip opportunities, publications, and links to other bird-related organizations.


Bird TV is a series of educational videos covering topics related to wild birds. The episodes feature original images and video of Wisconsin birds collected by some of the state's finest photographers. The series is written and produced by Steve Betchkal in conjunction with WSO.

Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Wisconsin

WSO initiated the first Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas in 1995. The Atlas provides informative accounts and distribution maps for all of the breeding birds in our state. WSO is currently working with partners to coordinate the second atlas effort.

Bird Monitoring Kits

WSO and the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative developed Bird Monitoring Kits to allow educators and students to study birds and their habitats and thereby gain a greater appreciation of the natural world. Bird Monitoring Kits contain the tools to help introduce students to the local bird community, build their skills in bird identification, and help them gain knowledge of bird natural history.

WSO Speakers Bureau

WSO maintains a list of individuals who are willing to give programs on birds and bird-related topics. This list is compiled for the use of bird clubs, Audubon Societies, nature centers, classes, and other groups interested in birds.

Checklist of Wisconsin Birds

This is the official checklist of Wisconsin birds and contains all of the birds that have been documented and verified by the WSO Records Committee.

WSO Publications

The Passenger Pigeon, WSO's flagship publication, is a quarterly journal featuring a wide range of articles on Wisconsin birds, seasonal field sightings, and scientific research reports. It also includes reports from birders throughout the state on unusual and interesting sightings, and articles on all aspects of birding. Become a member to receive your copy!

Wisconsin Birdlife

A must-read book for all Wisconsin birders! Written by Samuel D. Robbins, it is designed to enrich birders' understanding and appreciation of the historical distribution, abundance, and habitat preference of every bird species reliably recorded in the state.

Partner Organizations with Additional Resources

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: All About Birds

Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership

American Bird Conservancy

Wisconsin Stopover Initiative

Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory

Bird City Wisconsin