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‘Tis the Season: Nominations for Passenger Pigeon Awards

The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology annually recognizes individuals or organizations that have made outstanding achievements in bird conservation, promoted the field of ornithology or contributed to the Society and is now seeking nominations for its 2019 Passenger Pigeon Awards.

Please consider worthy individuals or groups for as many as seven awards to be presented at the 80th annual convention next May in Eau Claire. Please send the name and address of the nominee, along with a short description of what they did to merit the award, to by Dec. 31.

These are WSO’s awards:

Noel J. Cutright Conservation Award - recognizes outstanding contributions to bird conservation in Wisconsin. It was initiated in 2005 as the Green Passenger Pigeon Award.

Bronze Passenger Pigeon - presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in their local communities or in the state to promote the field of ornithology. Contributions may be through teaching (all levels); through conservation work (protection, preservation, restoration of habitat, etc.); or through organizational efforts (forming bird clubs or other groups which further ornithology).

Silver Passenger Pigeon – presented to members of WSO for distinguished service to the Society.

Certificate of Appreciation - given to previous recipients of the Silver Passenger Pigeon who continue to provide exceptional service to WSO.

Golden Passenger Pigeon – presented to individuals for outstanding achievement in the science of ornithology, recognizing published research, major book efforts or other such work in ornithology. It conveys life WSO membership upon the recipient and is limited to 15 living members at any time.

Samuel D. Robbins Lifetime Achievement Award – honors those who actively contribute to WSO above and beyond their having previously received the Silver Passenger Pigeon Award (for service to WSO) and the WSO Certificate of Appreciation (for continued service to WSO).

Special Recognition Award – recognizes the collective efforts of a far-reaching project or partnership that increases the public's awareness and appreciation for birds, their habitats or the need for conservation. In 2014 the name was changed to honor one of Wisconsin's premier bird conservationists. Recipients may be an individual, group or organization that has:
     -- worked on behalf of endangered, threatened and/or common species.
     -- promoted the establishment, management and protection of bird habitat.
     -- educated the public on bird conservation issues.

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