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Flight forward appeal soars to 80% of goal!

Thanks to the generosity and thoughtfulness of our membership, the Flight Forward appeal has raised $119,000, or nearly 80% of its goal. These funds will be used to support the organization’s operations, staff and program development.

“It is crucial that we do a better job of protecting birds and bringing attention to the many threats facing our feathered friends. We can only do that by expanding our outreach, increasing conservation efforts and building a stronger, broader birding community,” said WSO  President Mary Korkor. “I feel a true sense of urgency, but also optimism, especially when our membership responds with such support.”

To increase our influence with decision-makers and to engage in efforts that really make a difference for the survival of birds, Korkor said, WSO will need to expand programs that make birds more accessible and appreciated. “Improving the diversity of our membership and the representation of members across the state and reaching bird lovers that don’t necessarily see themselves as experienced birders is key.”

Korkor reflected on her own introduction to the world of birds and WSO, “My ‘A-HA! Moment’ was on a field trip with Tom Schultz and Jeff Baughman when I saw many of my first warblers. I truly came to appreciate just how many wonderful species we have in our state. That sent me on a journey of discovery and the sad realization that many of these species may not be around much longer if we don’t take action NOW!”

Executive Director Jennifer Lazewski expressed similar concerns. “We have so many new people appreciating the value that birds and nature contribute to their lives. We need to ensure these wonderful birds continue to find the habitat they need in Wisconsin. If they do, we can enjoy them for generations to come.”

The goal of $150,000 is in sight but will require additional effort to reach it. If you have already given, thank you! If you have yet to contribute, please go to our website at

To make a gift by mail, please send your check made out to WSO to:
P.O. Box 217
North Lake, Wis. 53064