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Moving forward on the Flight!


By Mary Korkor
WSO President

2021 was supposed to be the year we returned to normal, but as we all know now… there seems to be a “new normal.”    

Sometimes, a new normal means improved outreach, better communication, consistent follow-through and more opportunity for impact. That is how I am feeling about 2022, with the addition of our new executive director, Jennifer Lazewski.    

Already, we see the benefit of Jennifer’s help in securing the future of the WSO with the intention of increasing bird conservation and better serving our members. Our regional coordinators are reaching communities that we felt were underserved around the state. We are strengthening our partnerships with other bird and conservation organizations. And we are engaged in updating our governance and organizational structure. While this last work might not be the most romantic of tasks, it’s necessary for an organization that wishes to remain relevant and accountable.    


Your support for this effort has been vital. When we rolled out our Flight Forward Campaign in November with the goal of raising $150,000 to support our expanded programing and staff, we realized this was a new ask of our membership, but the response has been extraordinary. To date we are two-thirds of the way toward that goal. That is fantastic! Thank you!    

If you have yet to contribute, please join those that have provided the resources to expand our capacity and secure our long-term future.    

I believe in this organization and am willing to support it with my time, energy and financial resources. I hope you too believe in us and our mission. Please help a new normal that finds WSO a stronger, more impactful organization by making your contribution today.

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